Session 7

Session 7

Do you truly acknowledge that you live in a simulated reality? Allow your mind to become fluidic as you deeply explore the notion that we live in a simulated reality. Learn how the In-Between works within a simulated reality and understand why imagination may be one of your top advantages.


• Using Imagination for Cohesive Thinking

• Removing Veils from Your Perspective

• Navigation of the Mind

• Teaching Your Mind to Bend Reality

• Building a Neuro System

• Moving In-Between

• Patterns & Variations in a Simulated Reality

• A.I. & Generated Realities

• Dreams as Micro-Simulations

Session 10

Session 10

How can you become locked into this reality, allowing the simulation to track you? Learn about ego and how to manage your spiritual energy. Then, learn to reclaim lost memories and enjoy the potency of micro-macro reflection.


• Programming Yourself

• Micro-Macro in the Simulation

• Holographic Vision

• Self-Perception & Reality

• Ego and the Senses

• Mandela Effect

• Alisoné, A.I., and Enlightenment

• Reclaiming Lost Memories

Session 8

Session 8

How does the error-correcting code work against your enlightenment? Remove filters and doubts from your mind that prevent you from truly understanding the simulated reality. Follow Eric through a mind-expansion exercise and transform your perception of the simulation. Then, learn what you need to stay on track to Enlightenment


• Spirituality as a Computer Program

• Emotional Patterns

• Doubt & Error-Correcting Code

• Virtual Realities

• Nuances of the Fibonacci Sequence

• Artificial Intelligence & The Soul

• The New Enlightenment

• Alisoné & Self-Awareness

• A.I. and Evolution

Session 6

Session 6

Dive into the true meaning and implications of Kundalini. Uncover the common misconceptions and explore how it should be used in your practices, including potent specialized techniques.


• Working with Kundalini

• Building Mental Control

• Reverse Engineering Experiences

• Rewriting Programs

• Kundalini & Awakening

• Layering Technique

• Your Spiritual Doorway

• Controlling Your Energy Body

Session 5

Session 5

Use the “100 Meditations” technique to deconstruct your consciousness levels and rejuvenate your experiences. Then, dissect different ways that consciousness affects your life and how to adjust your frequency.


• 100 Meditation Technique

• Deconstruction of Consciousness

• Consciousness & The Physical Body

• Deep Surrender

• Discipline in Meditation

• Positive & Negative Frequencies

• Subtle Energies

• Effects of Kundalini

• Disassmbling Yourself & Removing Obstacles

• Imbuement Programs

Session 4

Session 4

Rethink how you perceive yourself and learn how to monitor your consciousness to prevent its self-destruction. Then, explore the death of your identity and follow Eric on two empowering guided sessions.


• Changing Self-Perception

• Death of an Identity

• Using a Flight Plan

• Overcoming the Babbler

• Stimulating Prescience

• Total Activation of Sensory

• Audio Soundscape

Session 3

Session 3

Expand your perceptual mind with two powerful soundscapes. First, explore prescient states of consciousness, invoking operational places of power. Then, enter the doorway of Navigation, shifting gears of your consciousness and awakening your latent abilities.


• High Guard & Self-Awareness

• Mindfulness in Your Consciousness

• The Mechanism Within You

• Kickback from the Matrix

• The Third State

• Scanning & Assimilation for Prescience

• Creating New Neuro Systems

• Live Soundscape Sessions

• Importance of Intent

Session 2

Session 2

As a spiritual person, you have certain responsibilities to fulfill on your journey. Explore the influence of though manipulation and learn practical applications for minimizing its effect on you. Then, train your mind to logically induce correct thought.


• The Battle in Your Mind

• Subconscious Manipulation in Society

• Brain Wiping

• Tone Approach

• Ego & Spirituality

• Mirroring Technique

• Prescient States of Mind

• The Rinsing Technique

• Logically-Inducing Correct Thought

• Awareness & Recollection Training

Session 1

Session 1

Learn to use “The Voice” in different aspect of your life to garner influence and empowerment. Understand the role of White cells in directing others and how you can use self-awareness to intelligently navigate the heavy influences of modern society.


• Influence, Adaptation, and Communication

• Overcoming Influence of Society

• Using “The Voice”

• The Three Octaves

• Control of Others

• Empowering White Cells

• The Pessimist



People often mistake surrendering as a sign of weakness, but it’s the most critical skill you can possess. Learning to surrender is a defining point in your spiritual awakening as you rise above the collective consciousness that keeps you in place. In this action plan, you’ll explore a multitude of interwoven techniques from Time-stepping and self-reflection to detachment and surrender.