Energy Defense

Welcome to the Energy Defense Action Plan! This course is a vital tool in breaking old programs.  This course will offer you the means to not only defend yourself if you ever come to be in a situation where it would be needed, but a tool that you can use to clean or sterilize your own energy field.   These techniques, collectively called High Guard, allow you to relieve yourself of the ties that people have attached to you over the years past.  Some of these will feel bigger than others, and as you go about the techniques you may find that some will attach themselves back to you over a given period of time.  These ties are people’s connections to you and they act as siphons, which can drain your reserve of energy without you realizing it. And, depending upon how people think or project you in their minds, their thoughts can affect your well being.   This action plan will offer you techniques that can be used to defend yourself against these types of attacks.  It also allows you to cleanse your energy field and redirect your focus back to your development.

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