Session 15

Session 15

Unravel the realization that dreams are simulated programs of the brain, parallel to the operative reality we exist in. Understand the bigger picture and why certain revelations evaporate from our mind when we wake.


• Recurring Dreams

• The Hive Collective

• Prana: Essence of Reality

• In-Between & Dimension Walking

• Remote Viewing: Crow City

• Sleep: The Exchange of Data

• Mind Hack

• Tones & Mindfulness

• Avoiding Detection with Non-Thought

• Order of the Collective consciousness

• Puppeteering Your I’s

• Walkthrough: Feeling Nothingness

• Physics of the In-Between

Session 14

Session 14

Pop spirituality tends to emphasize only the positive, ignoring the negative. Learn why realism is crucial and how to use meditation to raise global consciousness, find peace, and resolve ties holding you down.


• The Necessity of Pain

• Invoking the Om Virus

• Meditate on the World Meditating

• Simulated Reality: Immunity Mechanisms

• Calming a Crowd with Assimilation

• Scanning Techniques

• Entities: Telltale Signs

• Blending In When Assimilating

• Music & Scanning

• High Guard & Kingdom

• Ethics of Assimilation & Scanning

• Walkthrough: Assimilation

Session 13

Session 13

Eric maps out cohorts of collective thought and explains the impact they can have on your consciousness. Learn how to maximize your High Guard techniques so you can minimize the influence of negative energies.


• Protecting Yourself from Psychic Thought

• Troubleshooting High Guard

• Psyche vs. Psychic

• Visualizations in High Guard

• Emotional Control

• When to Use Spiritual Abilities

• Anchoring with Your Frequency

• Hand of Hands

• Causal Energy

• Holding the Love of the Force

• Simulated Reality: Ancestral Modeling

• Dealing with Aggressive Politics

Session 12

Session 12

Personal issues and regret cast heavy shadows over us, hindering our progression. Find internal resolution and release what weighs on your mind with these precise enhancements to your Surrender sessions.


• An Overview of Surrender

• Reflection on the Past

• Reality as a Mandelbrot

• Drawbacks of Spirituality

• “Jesus on the Boat” – Reacting to Chaos

• Inner Balance: Finances and Health

• Co-creation

• Inner Peace: Listening to Yourself

• Different Kinds of Surrender

• Time-Stepping

• The Serenity Prayer

• The Fear of Death