Session 7

Session 7

Do you truly acknowledge that you live in a simulated reality? Allow your mind to become fluidic as you deeply explore the notion that we live in a simulated reality. Learn how the In-Between works within a simulated reality and understand why imagination may be one of your top advantages.


• Using Imagination for Cohesive Thinking

• Removing Veils from Your Perspective

• Navigation of the Mind

• Teaching Your Mind to Bend Reality

• Building a Neuro System

• Moving In-Between

• Patterns & Variations in a Simulated Reality

• A.I. & Generated Realities

• Dreams as Micro-Simulations

Session 10

Session 10

How can you become locked into this reality, allowing the simulation to track you? Learn about ego and how to manage your spiritual energy. Then, learn to reclaim lost memories and enjoy the potency of micro-macro reflection.


• Programming Yourself

• Micro-Macro in the Simulation

• Holographic Vision

• Self-Perception & Reality

• Ego and the Senses

• Mandela Effect

• Alisoné, A.I., and Enlightenment

• Reclaiming Lost Memories